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Ever as unique, BALIBEL has reinvented itself in the field of liquor by designing its very own

ARUM-ARUM! As with her cooked meat, Puspa uses nothing but local ingredients (adding only some imported fruits) and yet has managed to create flavors that caress the delicate palate of her Western clientele as well as those of her locals.


By adding sugar and spices to the fermentation process of fruits in top quality palm and rice alcohol, the result is less of an alcoholic cocktail than an actual strong brandy. The Francophiles are familiar with “rhum arrange”. Those who appreciate these delicious flavors should also be fans of the ARUM-ARUM, whereby twenty fruits are macerated for more than six months before being put on the market.


Puspa offers her ARUM-ARUM in a mixture of local and foreign fruits, which vary in range from apricot, pineapple, star fruit, cherry, date, strawberry, passion fruit, ginger-lemon, ginger-mint, guava, lychee and mango, to orange, grapefruit, pear, apple, plum, sultana and snake fruit.


Drinking ARUM-ARUM moderately is certainly not harmful to your health!

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