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Research & Development

The BALIBEL company’s creator and driving force is Balinese native Ida Ayu Puspa Eny, a professional in food processing activities. A graduate of the Hotel Business and Cooking School in Dinard, France, Puspa accumulated much cooking experience in international cuisine as the successful owner of a string of restaurants based in Australia and Bali. 


As Puspa does not use any imported ingredients during the different preparation stages, BALIBEL is able to display products in a very competitive price range, compared to the high value of some of its creations that are quite tricky to achieve in a tropical climate. This is particularly true for the smoking and drying process of cooked pork meat.


Nevertheless, Puspa’s prowess has enabled each BALIBEL-labelled product to be characterized by a quality level of western standards, distinguishable from others with its brilliant “à la française” twist of taste.

painting by Johannes Vermeer

The Kitchen Maid

The Arum-Arum Maid

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