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The BALIBEL company’s creator and driving force is Balinese native Ida Ayu Puspa Eny, a professional in food processing activities. A graduate of the Hotel Business and Cooking School in Dinard, France, Puspa accumulated much cooking experience in international cuisine as the successful owner of a string of restaurants based in Australia and Bali.​ ​​


As Puspa does not use any imported ingredients during the different preparation stages, BALIBEL is able to display products in a very competitive price range, compared to the high value of some of its creations that are quite tricky to achieve in a tropical climate. This is particularly true for the smoking and drying process of cooked pork meat.​


Nevertheless, Puspa’s prowess has enabled each BALIBEL-labelled product to be characterized by a quality level of western standards, distinguishable from others with its brilliant “à la française” twist of taste. ​​

The BALIBEL company, created in 2008, specializes in preparing high quality French delicatessen. By aiming high-end markets, BALIBEL adheres to the very strict quality standards expected by the western clientele residing in Bali, as well as within the whole of Indonesia.


Made by traditional methods, using only raw local agricultural materials and natural ingredients, without adding any artificial additives or preservatives, BALIBEL’s assorted cooked meats are supplied - mainly in Bali - to restaurants, hotels and delicatessen shops.

BALIBEL vacuum packs its goods, hence guaranteeing freshness for a minimum of one month. 

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